Cultivating the Ecosystem for the Next Harlem Renaissance

Our Liberatory Work 


We center and support creative and non-fiction writers who bring the nuanced complexities of Black life into our popular culture and discourse. Here are some of the ways Beautiful Ventures celebrates and supports these important cultural influencers:



For Creatives


The Nommo Room

A collaboration with Zeal Press,  Beautiful Ventures hosts The Nommo Room - a virtual writers’ room for Black writers who need space to work on writing craft in community with others looking to heal from the trauma of anti-black racism and white supremacy culture. Nommo Room writers periodically convene in multi-racial caucus space with the White Affinity Creative Collaborative - an affinity group of white writers working on healing from whiteness and focused on bringing stories of racial healing to the mainstream.


Come On In

A feature length psychological drama, Come On In is about the interior life of a young creative who fails at making it big and finds himself on an uncanny inner-journey that will lead him to his ultimate destiny...or destruction. A collaboration with Create & Record and That Child’s Got Talent Productions.



An online platform centering the voices and works of storytellers and story-lovers in our Network.


For Creative Entrepreneurs



A hackathon-ish event helping content creators build teams and creative businesses culminating in an opportunity to pitch production-ready scripts/projects to producers, directors, technologists, and investors.


BV Network

Opportunities to lead and participate in learning spaces and mini-collaborations with creatives, network weavers, sector leaders, audiences and other story-lovers in our growing community.



For Story Lovers 

Clips & Conversation

An intergenerational, interactive, community salon


Our voices

Features the visual, written and creative voices of the storytellers and story-lovers of our network.